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Crispy Waves

Don't know where I found this tiny little picture of a glass or crystal wave.
The picture is too small to upload here.
So I started drawing it and fill in the colors as I think they are, but I am not convinced it's accurate.

This is layer three, I still need to work out the background a bit..
I copied my version of the drawing so I can reproduce it when needed.
No idea who made the original one, it is as small as a match
stick booklet

Save and sound

While Tara watches over us we are sleeping.
First layer, simple drawing, not sure which way to go from here yet.

Weeping Green Tara

Can her tears save the earth?

Deep Enlightenment

Deep enlightenment, not a bad name for this, huh? Don't know if it is spelled correct though.


Next Project

I have started to use charcoal for the larger lines.
It's eassier to remove before painting, because the colors get so grey from the black pencils.
It's not visible here but the coral reef ends halfway the dolphins backsides.

Dolphins at Atlantis

I am getting closer to getting myself a camera to photograph the whole painting you see (partially) here.
I also get closer to my own website on which I will show my work to sell it.
This water-painting is the first I did totally free handed. No lines, no examples needed.
Behind the playfull dolphins is a huge castle in ruins, which you can't really see here.
I call this work :"Dolphins at Atlantis".