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Osho Zen Tarot Sharing.
The colors tell it all, vibrant, dancing, rich and sharing.

A royal drawing

two royal princesses at a grand piano.
Here is my first impression/ my first layer:

Ofcourse this is my personal view and I am brainstorming with my self to go next.
I don't want to do this in the traditional way, like oil paintings and as you can see I already gave it my own new dimension by adding a "list" at the far right, top and bottom of this drawing. I want the royal ladies standing on the painting-list. I would have liked the point from the organza bow of the dress of the youngest girl. to hang out of the list, but the paper ended there, just a tad to quick.

Farewell drawing for Bodhi

My farewll drawing to Bodhi who died yesterday, she is at peace now.

Dutch Casanova

This is the brother of the dutch girl, he came out just fine.
Strange thing is, he is on the same drawing paper. But his energy is way way different!
I like this guy! Such a shame he's only 14....and I am not that desperate as cougar (lol)

Dutch Girl

Just to show you that failed drawings are not always failures.
I was attempting to draw a 15 year old, the daughter of someone in my neighborhood.
The first attempt the feeling already was way off. I just could not connect to the energy from a passport photograph.
This was my second attempt and again, no connection.
But this average young dutch woman showed up, someone you could meet at the supermarket or behind a desk of a restaurant, overhere in the Netherlands. I am not gonna let this young lady end up in the wastebin. She's too charming to be thrown away. Agree?

Barbara 1996, third layer.

Last night I colored in the hair. I have done this with soft pastels.
I forgot I had these and the color was just right!
Only to remember why I had the pastels hidden away.
I am asthmatic and the fine chalk of this pastel makes me very breathless.
As did the hair-spray I used as fixation-tool.
Once my breath has turn to normal again I will start to paint again, hoping the tiny particles of the chalk doesn't make me woezy again and the paint will attach, because of the hair-spray-layer.
It's sad you only get to see 3/4 of the whole painting. I am going to ask for some financial help getting myself a digital camera to try to get all of my larger work on line too.

Barbara 1996 layer 1,

Barbara 1996 layer 2.eyes okay, face broathened, next thing's her hair, god be with me. It's genuine red copper!

I have added this small picture to let you see what I mean with those copper red curls!
That, btw, is my favorite hair color, I used to dye my hair in the same color. I might be tempted to do it again, one more time, with some help. (and the cash ;) )

Special Delivery for Lughnie

Click on me 3x
Just designed for you!


Mum and child

Colored with waterpaintpencils.
But I don't have the guts to actually paint this.
Because I've recently lost a good drawing that way.
The color difference at the top is because the scanner (once more) was a little too small.
The original has more different reds because I wanted to give the mum a reddish aura, only you can't see that here.
Plus the hair is too yellow for my taste.