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Painted Hearts
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For beginning artists, drawing and painting.
In almost every livejournal or other website I found the arts too far developed for a beginner and an amateur. That scared me off and with me many others who want to share their work but are too afraid for people telling them they are not good enough. There are already too many websites where the art has to be good before you even can get an account. Here is the place for starters and amateurs, who do like to draw but just for their own fun. It's not important how good your work is, the importance is that we can share and grow together. And have fun in the meanwhile.
We don't allow porno-graphic work, that's not allowed at all and will risk our community and all members in it. I hold the right to ban people for breaking those rules. And be sure, I will. But for the rest go explore and learn, have fun and share!